Thursday, April 30, 2009


The "writing bug" got me tonight! LOL! As I was looking for a new picture for my Chosen Girls I found a very pretty picture in black and white of some sunflowers. Also I wrote a poem about simplicity since the flowers were very simple. The other day I had just got a freebie from Bea Creations called "Remember Me." So here is what I came up with...

Credits: Remember Me by Bea Creations, Classic Swirl by MetalMama, Black and White Photo from Photobucket, Font: PrissyFratBoy

You probably can't read the journaling so here it is:

What is it truly?
A simple house on the country side,
Or just living your life?
From the riches to the poor,
I just wish for the simple life,
Right in the middle.
With all the things in the world,
Many people go for the material things,
But for me,
I go with the smallest thing--
Just living,
Being me,
Everyday, all day.
A cry of pain,
To a cry of joy,
Those are the things I cherish,
The things I can keep forever.
Knowing that one day,
The material thing may break,
I don't go with that.
Although I do know I may lose my memory,
that {hopefully} won't be for a long time.
With all the real things there,Why do we go for the fake.
Maybe because we don't want to face our memories,
Good or bad.
With all these things at my reach,
I go for simplicity,
The real,
The true.

By Olivia
April 30th, 2009
Age 12
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