Saturday, July 11, 2009

those shoes

I got my shoes at Target. I had spied on them every time I went to Target for a long time. Finally they were on sale and I snatched them up! I wore them everyday it seemed like to school. They were the best shoes EVER! I wore them one day to paint sets for the opera at my school and got blue paint on them. I still wore them. Then one day it rain and I felt something wet at the tip of my shoes, and there was a hole. It wasn’t too bad, so I kept wearing them. Finally, the shoes didn’t fit anymore. I had to stop wearing them everyday. It got hot so I didn’t mind because I wanted to wear flip-flops anyways.

A few days ago I was cleaning out my shoes, and I found them. Memories flooded back to me from 6th grade. I knew this memory had to be scrapped and got out my camera.

It seemed like the shoes had got me through my first year of middle school. But they hadn’t. I did. I survived my first year of middle school.

Credits: Sent With Love by A Work In Progress, font: Too Much Paper!
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