Thursday, August 19, 2010


Orientation was today... I'm excited for school?! I'm so happy that I'm in yearbook too!! We're dogsitting Itsy Bitsy while Nanny's gone camping. I wish I could've gone camping too, but I'd be getting back the afternoon before school starts-- not fun. I hope that they'll be going again next year. *Cross your fingers!* Tuesday I got my eyes checked and I'm getting glasses. At first I wasn't happy, but I found a cute pair that I like and I'm happy with 'em! Tuesday night I spent the night at Elizabeth's and we went and saw Step Up 3D. Three words-- It. Was. Awesome! O:
The next day Liz had a ortho appt. in the morning and then we went to LaHa for lunch. Yumm. Wednesday night I spent the night at Ayeonna's. We mainly just hung out. I had to leave early because Ayeonna had her orientation in the morning. So, then we're back to now! Tehehe. Tomorrow is Daniel's open house at his school. (: I can't believe he'll be in kindergarten!! I'm supossed to be getting my glasses on Saturday... It's really weird, but I want them??!! Like NOW! Hahah. Enough blabbering. Hehe. Me likey that work. Blabbering. Hehe. Okay. *Ahem* Enough, enough. Goodbye. (:

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