Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shopping Spree: rue21

Here is your promised post of what I bought on Sunday!
Camisole: $7.49; Cardigan: $8.49

Hoop earrings (2 sets): $2
Jeans (2 pairs): $23.87
Necklace: $7.15
Glitter Sandals: $7.95
Wallet: $9.99
The camisole, cardigan, and earrings were on sale. The jeans were buy one pair get the next pair half off. All the rest of what I bought was full price.

I think with the rest of my birthday money I'm going to save up either towards a car or camera. I would like to have a car (preferably a VW Bug) once I turn 16 but I really want a new camera. Decisions, decisions! What do you think I should save up for?

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