Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No-Heat Curlers

No-heat curlers don't sound that promising, do they? I thought the same thing until I watched this video: How To Get Taylor Swift's Curls Without Heat! by StilaBabe09. Even though her hair is a lot longer than mine and it might not have the same effect, I knew I wanted to try it out!

Two nights ago while my Mama and I were out at Target, we bought some. I tried them out later that night, and they worked! I slept with the curlers in my hair, and they were poking in to my head all night. I'm still not sure if the curls are worth it.

This first time I used the larger of the two types of curlers that were included in the pack. The second time I used the smaller ones, and I liked the result better than the first time. In the video Meredith used larger curlers, but for my length of hair I think the smaller curler is better. :)
Me; Pink with larger curlers in my hair
Me; After taking out the larger curlers
Me; After taking out the smaller curlers

PS: Happy Pi Day to all the nerds out there!

Disclaimer: I was not paid by any company to make this post. It is simply my opinion and review of the curlers.

Edited to Add: I just took the curlers out about 2-3 hours ago, and the curls are almost completely gone. Kind of wishing I'd bought the curling wand. Oh, well.
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