Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Blue, Grey, & Brown

Today I went for a simple outfit that still had style. I guess it is my sort of bum since I'm not into wearing sweatpants to school. LOL I love the top: it has an open back with a twist. The shoes make me super happy too; the jeans I wore today covered them up though. Today probably wasn't the best time to wear them since they're hard to get on and off and they are uncomfortable after a while. I wore light make-up since I had to run in HOPE today, and I knew some of it would come off. Of course I added the necklace, since I love my jewelry! I try to wear some everyday.

What is your must have item in an outfit? Share your response in a comment or on my Facebook page!


{Photography: Cheryl Ashcraft}
{Top: Express, Tank Top: Target, Jeans: rue21, Necklace: rue21, Shoes: unknown}
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