Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some random stuff

It's been a while since I posted (other than scrapbooking layouts). So I thought I'd do a li'l' recap post!

On Good Friday, I went to have my hair cut. Here's a pic of my new 'do!
I was so scared to get side bangs! But I really love them-- when I have time, hahaha. Lately I've just pinned them back since I haven't had time in the morning to mess with 'em.

I had a great Easter with my family! Here's all of us at church:
Afterwards we went to my Grandma Sue's house for lunch! We took a new family pic (the last one we had was from Thanksgiving):
 Me and my brother:
Oh and sorry that none of these are edited... I'm feeling lazy. Hahaha.

And something scrapbooking related happened!! I was asked to join the Honey Bee team at Scrap Orchard! I am so excited! I've already made a couple layouts (gemma and Awesome MAMA). This is a team I've wanted to be on for a while, but it was still a hard decision to join. Gah, why am I so indecisive?

This past Saturday we went to my Grandma Sue's for a birthday dinner! My mom snapped some pics of me:

Oh, on a side note, my Grandma Hicks fell last night and they think she might have fractured her leg... please be praying for her. Which reminds me to bring up my Great Great Aunt Dolly, who has had health problems in the last few months. If you wouldn't mind praying for her also. This picture is from Palm Sunday when we went and visited Aunt Dolly.
Grandma Hicks, Daniel, me, Mama, Aunt Dolly, Grandma Sue, Sandra, and Cat-Cat.
We had FCAT this week which was not so fun. At least it was only reading this year! I'm excited for Ayeonna's birthday party this weekend! Fun, fun!

Sorry that I babbled on for this long, hahaha
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