Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just fifteen and a half more days

Only 15 days and one half day left until SUMMER! Yay! I am so tired of school.

I have a group project in Biology, EOC for art, and final exams, but after that I am done. Just busy work in between all of that. Not fun!

I hope over the summer to get this blog up and running again. Lately it's been hard to find time though I am on the computer entirely too much. Who knows, maybe this summer I will finally make a logo and blog theme I keep for more than a month. Hahaha.

I took some new pictures of my room, but they're on my mom's camera, and I'll have to get them from her before I make a new updated room post! I'm so stinkin' excited to redo my room!!

Welp, I should wrap this up before I waste more time when I should be working on my project. :)
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