Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Bucket List

So, summer is almost here. Just two more days, both of which are half days.

It's perfect time to make a summer bucket list. I've never made a bucket list for the summer, though I have made one for my life (see here).

Since this will be something that I may update often, I thought it would be better for my list to be a page on my blog so it's easier to access. You can view it here (post removed; see below).

I hope y'all have a amazing summer or are having an amazing one already!


Edit 3/13/13: 

  1. Make a fox plush
  2. Make wall art
  3. Get some sun
  4. Go to the beach, river, & pool
  5. Make a bird nest necklace
  6. Redo my room like this
  7. Reorganize my room and bathroom
  8. Perfect my everyday makeup routine
  9. Read some books
  10. Make a Junque Journal/Smash Book
  11. Make a little bird plush
  12. Make some garland
  13. Learn more about sewing
I only did 4 out of 13... LOL
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